threeA Tomorrow Kings Shogun “Holdout at Dumper” two pack Review

“There were only ten that ever walked with us, that each could hold an army at bay single handed. They say we will never see their kind again and each of the ten shelter silent wisdom cast from a memory of the end. These are the SHOGUN TK.”

Lately, I’ve been focusing my collecting on threeA‘s toys only for the TK(Tomorrow Kings) boys. And recently, they’ve already release their latest TKs in form of shoguns. I remember the first time I saw their prototypes, they’ve already had their slots on my collection shelfs.
A heavily armored TK with shoulder guard and a helmet plus a very big electrified sword, how cool is that?!

I’ll review all the shoguns I got(luckily I manage to score all the variants), but for now I will start with the first one I got and that is the Holdout at Dumper two pack,which contains 2 Shoguns named as Gorei and Tsuki


This Holdout at Dumper pack comes with a poster also with a short story about this 2 shoguns;

It was worth it they thought, to fight a universe for a cat and a guitar.

Dumper was a transitional planet, between the ground level universe and the underverse. The Tomorrow Kings had used it as a traditional base of operations for nearly 800 years, well until today. One Interloper was all it took, hidden in a troop movement via Dumper. It was always known this would occur, and plans were made.

The last two Shogun TK, Gorei and Tsuki, had always had the mission, they were born with the task of holding of a legion of Mortis for 37.3 seconds and all would be corrected.

The Mortis only had to stop a boy and his cat from going home, but they had to do it via Dumper.

For 29.8 seconds the last two Shogun held a line that saw not a single Mortis trooper pass, then an errant and un-expected thought of a long dead TK made Gorei falter, in an instant he knew he had lost his position, but he marveled at a feeling he had never been allowed, the feeling of loss was thrilling, a feeling for a universe, he thought, was worth it. 29.9 Tsuki pivoted to take the onslaught alone, 7.4 seconds and he could rest.

Lady Sham held the young boy’s hand tightly, and guided him across the silent road towards his house. Her grip tightened, not wanting to let her life walk away, she knew they would meet again, someday, but that didn’t make any difference now.

A white cat with black cow like markings darted in front of them, and barked. “Move it ya slapper they’ll all be here soon! “

Gorei is the orange detailed one and Tsuki is the greyish-black saturated one. Both of them got their own uniqueness, but if I have to choose between those two, I’ll pick Gorei, because of his bright color combination between orange and green . He would definitely give more fresh color along with my other TKs.

Each of them(and I believe that all the Shoguns does) comes with a quite lots of new stuffs:
– A two pack box with Ash’s sketch poster in it(the poster only came with two-packs set, but for single,they had Ash’s painting as the box art, wether it’s Gorei,Tsuki or Shiho).
– New head sculpt
– All of them are using the new slim type body(like all the rest of the latest TKs),
– New shirt with un-symmetrical sleeves
– Standard TK pants
– A front and back cloth pieces that tied with a knots on their hips.
– A super cool left shoulder guard armor
– A helmet with a mouth guard
– A very big electrical powered sword(because it has wires that connect to a small battery stored in one of the pouches on his belt) also with it’s sheath and straps
– and two left hands(grip and relax, so you can make him hold the sword two-handed or one-handed).
Oh, and they comes with lots of pouches on their belt.

In simple statement, they’re freakin’ cool straightly out of their box!

There are lots of opinions about this Shoguns, some people love them with their armors on, but some people also enjoy them in simple-slick looks with no armor and helmet like a common TK. Me, personally love them in a full armored looks, but sometimes it’s kinda hard to deal with,especially when you’re posing them, but you’ll get over it in one or two pose changes. I’ll post more action pose later on for sure.

So I think that’s my short and simple review on the set for now, all based from my point of views though, but I hope it’s good enough to be shared with you all.



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